Monday, January 7th, 2019

Next Monday, there will be no school due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Check out the Wheeler Elementary website and click on our class webpage.  There is lots for your child to do and learn there. They can even become a member of the Mastery Club!

Let it SNOW!

Word Study:

-Words with -ar

-Review of Previous Skills

Spelling Words & Dictation Sentences:

-car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark, art, jar

1.) The car drove down through the dark yard.

2.) Do you think the party will be at the farm or the park?


-Irregular Plural Nouns  (tooth - teeth)

-Informative Writing (The Signmaker)

Reading: The Signmaker’s Assistant

-Text & Graphic Features-Synonyms

-Informative Writing      -Point of View


-Multi-Step Subtraction Problems

   -WrtingEquations with Subtraction



"This Week..." and "Words to Know" have been updated!