Policies & Procedures

Accelerated Reader (AR)

 Students will read books at their independent reading level and take quizzes on the books they've read.  Students must have met their goal each nine weeks in order to attend each nine-week's AR celebration, as well as the end-of-year trip. 


“Goodies” are allowed in to celebrate your child’s birthday, however you must let me know a few days in advance.  You can drop the goodies off in the classroom between 7:45 and 8:00, but anytime after that please bring them to the office as it’s a disruption at that point.  We have recess around 2:00 each afternoon, and that’s when birthdays are celebrated. Please try to have the treats dropped off by that time. 

Book Reports

Your child will be required to complete a book report that tells me of a book they’re reading each nine-week grading period.  Reports can be completed in class.  Please note that I don’t always give class time strictly devoted to completing book reports.  However, as students finish their in-class assignments they can work on their report.  Each book report must be written in a friendly letter format or completed in a format assigned by me. *Please click on the "Document Downloads" section above to download an example report and rubric.


I will be challenging your child throughout the school year. I will provide them with Challenge Capsules, which are questions from math and language arts.  Students can work on these if they complete their in-class work early.  Also, at home, students may research and answer any question found on our Mastery Club page.

 Character Award

Every child in my class will have an opportunity to get the Character Award.  Students who set an example for others by help, support, friendship and overall good citizenship will be awarded the Character Award. This award will be given at the end of every nine-week grading period.

 Classroom Rules

 1.  Follow directions quickly.

2.  Raise your hand for permission to speak. 

3.  Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

4.  Always make smart choices.

5.   Keep Mr. Michael happy!


Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write a note, email or call the school at 423-881-3394.  This website is my main form of communication, and it is updated frequently with important upcoming dates and announcements.


1st consequence:   A verbal correction and a warning will be circled on the behavior chart.

2nd consequence:   #1 will be circled on behavior chart resulting in loss of 10min. of an activity.

3rd consequence:   #2 will be circled on the behavior chart resulting in loss of all of an activity, and parents will be notified.

4th consequence:   #3 will be circled on the behavior chart, student will fill out a behavior report, all of an activity will be lost, parents will be notified, and disciplinary action will be taken.

In the case that a severe disruption occurs, students will be dealt with according to our school's discipline policy or sent to the principal’s office. 

 Dr. Seuss's Reading Cafe

Each year, students will play host to our 1st grade students by having them to our Reading Cafe.  Dr. Seuss's Reading Cafe will give students a chance to read to our 1st grade students, provide them with snacks and drinks, and assist them in making a craft.  This activity allows students to interact with one another in a helpful, caring, and meaningful manner.

Folders / Newsletter

I will send folders home each Monday with your child’s work form the previous week and our classroom newsletter. The newsletter will tell you exactly what your child will be learning for the week as well as different announcements and reminders.   Please remember to sign your child’s folder and return it on TUESDAY. 

Grading Policy

A 93-100

B 86-92

C 75-85

D 70-74

F 0-69

In my class we will do lots of practice before a grade is taken on a certain skill.  If your child scores a C or below on an assignment, he/she will redo the assignment but will keep the first grade.  This is the most accurate way of determining a student’s true understanding of the skill.

                                               Tests 25%                                                 

                           Homework/Classwork 25%                           

Quizzes 25% 

Projects 25%

Home Learning

Home Learning is an important way to provide reinforcement and an extension of class instruction. Home Learning assignments will be to finish any unfinished work from class, read 20 minutes nightly (80 mins. a week), and study spelling/vocabulary words.   

Home Reading Log

Students should try to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night (80 mins. a week).  Students' reading should be recorded on their weekly reading logs. Students are to record the time they spent reading along with the title of the book and the actual minutes read. Reading logs turned in on Fridays will result in your child's lowest grade being bumped up to the next highest letter grade.

Make-up Work

Excused absences shall entitle students to make up missed work.  Students will be given three days from the day they are given their missed assignments to make up their work.  If your child is expected to be absent for more than ten days, the school shall be contacted to arrange a homebound program. 

Mastery Club

This is a club for students who are interested in going above and beyond the normal classroom expectations.  It is a way to challenge students and keep their brains active!  Once a student completes 20 questions, they will earn a free snack and a homework pass.  Also, students who master 20 questions will be placed onto the Hall of Fame.   

Mystery Readers
 I would like to invite any parents, older siblings, grandparents, relatives, or special people to surprise your child be being a "Mystery Reader" this year in our classroom.  Students LOVE having their family, friends, and relatives visit our classroom to share in our learning by reading a favorite story aloud to our class. Mystery readers can visit us on Friday's at 11:50 a.m. Readers are asked to bring a book to read or read a teacher-chosen book from our classroom library.  I will have a sign-up sheet for our "Mystery Readers" to sign up for a date that works best for you.  

Parent Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year from 3:00-6:00. Also, parents are welcomed and encouraged to come and talk with me anytime.  Please send us an email, or Call 423-881-3394 to set up a conference.

Pencil Sharpening

Students are required to be prepared for class with at least 2 sharpened pencils.  As part of our classroom jobs, pencil sharpening will be done by an assigned student.


Students who choose to follow rules may have the opportunity to earn rewards such as: team points, adding to the class jar, class parties, extra free time, homework passes, or lunch in the classroom.

Special Projects

Students will be required to do several at home projects throughout the year (e.g. nine-week book reports and history projects).  These projects are meant to be a fun, hands-on way for your child to learn.

STAR Student

Each student in my classroom will enjoy a special week that's all about them.  Students will be selected in alphabetical order to be the week's STAR Student.  This student will be given a backpack the week before his/her BIG week.  They will fill out a special poster all about them, and they will return to school the following week with the poster and anything that is special to him/her (e.g. toys, awards, stuffed animals, pictures). During the week, you will be asked to join your child for lunch.

Tardiness and Early Dismissals

Three tardies or early dismissals will result in one unexcused absence. Any student arriving after 8:00 in the morning is considered tardy. Any student signed out before 2:45 is considered an early dismissal.  Doctor statements for appointments and other verifiable reasons, such as death in the immediate family will still be excused. Please help me by having your child in school.  Keeping interruptions down will not only help your child but will help all the children in our class.

Transportation Change

If your child will be going home a different way, we must have a note or a phone call to the office. 

W.A.R.R.I.O.R. Organizers

W.A.R.R.I.O.R.S. is an acronym that stand for Wonderful ~ Achievements ~ Require ~ Resources ~ Instructions ~ and Organized ~ Readiness ~ Skills.  These organizers will help students with responsibility and organization of class handouts, notes, and assignments.  Organizers will always stay at school.  

Wax Museum

This school year students will present a biographical Wax Museum of famous Americans.  Students will be required to read a biography of their historical character, conduct internet research and dress as their character.  Most of the project’s requirements will be completed at school.  This project is intended to be fun and educational for you, your child, our school and our community.  All parents will be invited to tour our Wax Museum and take a step back in time.