Websites for Kids

Language Arts Websites


Writing Websites

Interactive Poetry Forms

Compound Sentence games, information, and quizzes

Making Complete Sentences Game Making Complete Sentences Game #2

The Punctuation Game

Comma usage games, information, and quizzes

Getting the right tense games, information, and quizzes

Apostrophe games, information, and quizzes

Learn to type!

Poetry writing activities from Scholastic-

Hear poems read straight from Jack Prulutsky himself, study genres of poetry, and submit your own poems online!

Writing Block from Reading Is Fundamental:

They start a new story each month, and you add to the story each day until the story is complete. Very fun and interactive, plus your writing might be chosen to be published online!

Alien Word Mine-Identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms, adverbs, and more!

Poem Pack-Listen or read fun poetry!

Post a Poem- Get your poetry published!

Practice Your Cursive

Graphic Organizers-This site has many different types of brainstorming organizers made for pre-writing. This is a very important skill to reinforce at home!


Reading Websites

RIF Reading Planet- Before you read, take a personality quiz to see what types of books are right for you!

Kids Lab- work on finding the main idea, context clues, compare/contrast, and more!

ByGosh-Online classics for children (free, and able to read immediately)

Phonics Games

Fake Out!

Dolch Words- A site for sight word recognition. There are free pintables and interactive online quizzes.

Let's work on sequencing- putting things in order of when they happened

Online books

Giggle Poetry-

Read silly poems from kids your age, and learn how to write your own!

Animated Fairy Tales-

Your favorite fairy tales, read to you!

Vocabulary Games!


Spelling Websites

Silent Letters games, information, and quizzes

Homophones games, information, and quizzes

Syllable games, information, and quizzes

Compound Words Games

Contraction Games

Catch That Thief

Catch That Horse

Escape the Maze

Gator Smash Em Spelling

Contraction Match Up

Drag and Spell


Magic Pencil

Write a Postcard

Sandcastle Quiz

High Frequency Spelling List organized for grades 1-5

Spell Check Game

Spin and Spell Game

Missing Letters Game

Just For Fun Websites

A site for kids who love animals, play games, read stories and more. From the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Berenstain Bears
Dress up the Berenstain Bears, find out their latest activities, read from the interactive story book, find famous factoids, checkout amazing mazes, and create your own coloring book.

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Demo of the day, video clips, music videos, and pictures, teachers lounge, home demos, ask Bill Nye, plus running facts at the bottom of the screen.

Over 20,000 of the greatest lives, past and present, at your fingertips. Enter a name to discover who they were, what they did and why.
Over 50 Online Coloring Pages, when you're through you can send them to a friend. 

Cool Math 4 Kids
An amusement park of math and more -- especially designed for FUN, FUN, FUN!

Preschool, storytime, craft central, online art, coloring book, game room, inside crayola, rename "Indian Red" and make history. Parents and teachers areas too.

Creature Feature
Learn about today's featured animal, and other animals which have been profiled in the past. For each animal, you'll find fun facts, video and audio clips, a map, a postcard, and links to related articles and Web sites. From National Geographic Kids. The Place For Families links to shopping, vacations, movies, music, television, games, stories, activities, family, chat studio and an after school area.

Dr. Seuss's Seussville
Games, contests, events, catalogue, more fun and "Ask the Cat". Dr. Seuss Cyberstore where you can purchase clothing.

Enchanted Learning Software
KinderCrafts, ZoomStore, Little Explorers, Zoom Dinosaurs, Zoom School, Zoom Whales, Zoom Sharks.

Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures
Jack Hanna, popular host of the hit television series, "Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures," is one of America's most beloved naturalists and adventurers. Each week, Hanna takes millions of family viewers on exciting journeys to learn about animals and the places they live.

Cool Reading Prizes, Homework Help, Watch Movies, Storytelling, Scrapbooks, and much more!

Looney Toonsville
Join the Looney Tunes Charaters for fun and games, animation 101, build a free Looney Tunes homepage! Looney Tunes Karaoke and other favorite links too. 

NASA's Observatorium
A public access site for Earth and space data. We have pictures of the Earth, planets, stars and other cool stuff, as well as the stories behind those images. Aeronautics, Educator's Resources, Fun & Games, Image Gallery, Planet Earth, Spaceflight and Space Science.

Visit your favorite Nick shows, Inside nick, games, 100% U-you draw 'em we make 'em move, safety, big help, rugrats movie, music and nickellennium. 

Stock Market for Kids
Hey kids! Are you ready to make some money? We often hear people talk of the stock market, and although it might sound a little confusing at first, it can actually be very interesting to learn about. Click above to learn more about how you can make a little extra cash.

An online streaming video of actors reading children's books aloud! Each book includes all kinds of fun activities and lesson ideas.

Warner Bros. Kids Page
Play Trivia, Blast off with a space age home page, find magic at the sorcerer's den, get your cutie patootie tip, virtual arcade, tom & Jerry's Maze, send a webcard, see hillbilly hare, visit acme city looney tunes.

White House For Kids
View history, our President, white house kids, white house pets or write the President. Read a newsletter for young people and learn about historic moments of the Presidency. 

Willy Wonka
It's easy to find your way around The Willy Wonka Candy Factory using Willy Wonka's amazing WONKAvator! Wherever you go throughout the site, the WONKAvator's with you... to get back to the Home page, click on the purple "W" at the top of the WONKAvator. To tour The Willy Wonka Candy Factory, simply click on a factory room listed on the WONKAvator's control panel. Once you're inside a factory room, there are lots of cool places to visit. Use the WONKAnized menu bar on the top of the page to check out other games and activities in the room. But remember... hold onto your hats, it's going to be a WILD RIDE! 

You Rule School
The internet school where kids rule! Fun games featuring Lucky Charms, Trix, Cheerios and Fruit Roll Ups. Tons of fun stuff to do, get your locker combination then check out the halls, home room, grub club, yumnasium, laugheteria, science room, and cool stuff to make you scream!


 Math Websites

Time, Money, Patterns, Place value

Addition and Subtraction


Guess My Number

Addition Pyramid

The Ruler Game

Time Clock

Interactive Base 10 blocks

Shape Surveyor

Change Maker

Math Mayhem!

Measure It!

Guess the Number

Addition Hidden Picture

Interactive Geoboard

Greater Than, Less Than

Subtraction Hidden Picture

Figure Perimeter

What Time Is It?

Addition Math-O

Figure Area

The Right Time

Da Numba

Perimeter and Area Booster

Willy The WatchDog- time game

Math Baseball

Animal Weigh-in

Place Value Game

Batter's Up Baseball (different version)

Mean, Median, and Mode

100 chart

Number Cracker

Train Race- mean, median, mode

Create A Graph

Math Car Racing

Planet Hop- coordinate Grids

Cookie Dough- spell and read numbers

Operation Order

Bird Egg Coordinate Game

Lemonade Stand

Seashell Rounding

The Ruler Game

Patterns- what belongs?

Sum and Difference

Battle Ship

Data Picking

Number Maze

Fun Brain's Measure It

Follow the pattern

Line Jumper


Bugs in the System- Creating online graphs

Many Add. and Sub. games here


How does my pattern grow?

Addition Pyramid


Data Collecting Game

Function Machine


Rise or Fall (line graph game)

See Drill Games Below


Time Memory



Money Memory



Let's Graph!



Number Machine



Making Change



Math at the Mall



Count The Money







Place Value/Decimals


Division Hidden Picture

Decimal Jeopardy

Pattern Blocks

Multiplication Hidden Picture

Place Value Puzzler

Isometric Drawing

Multiplication Math-O

One False Move- ordering #s

Flashcard Vocabulary Match

Division Math-O

Decimals- Write the decimal form of the word. (tenths)

Symmetry of Flags Quiz

Math Baseball

Version two: Decimals- Write the decimal form of the word. (tenths)

Symmetry in art Slide Show

Grid Game and Mega Maze

Decimals- Write the decimal form of the word. (hundredths)

Interactive Symmetry

Math Car Racing

Version two: Decimals- Write the decimal form of the word. (hundredths)

acute, obtuse, and right angle robot game

Multiplication Magician!

Decimals- Write the decimal form of the word. (thousandths)

Geometry Math-O Games

Version two: Decimals- Write the decimal form of the word. (thousandths)

Geometric Terms Matching Game

Interactive Multiplication Table

More decimal games

Geometry Quiz

Product Game

Another challenging decimal game (click on fractions/decimals game)

Polygon sides and angles Quiz

Interactive Arrays

Place Value Game

What type of polygon is it?

Hundred Chart- count by numbers to see factors in multiplication

Mystery Pictures-reading numbers

Toothpick Geometry

Mystery Picture- division

Rounding Flashcards

Congruent Shapes

Calculate That

Interactive addition/subtraction of decimals

Symmetry Coloring

Sharing Out

Place value in decimals

Geometry Workshop

Find the Numbers

Builder Ted- order decimals

Naming Faces and Figures

Multiplying Up

Hangman Rounding

Polyhedron Test

Multiplication Mystery (using the times table)

Railroad Repair

Dr. Gee's 3-D Lab

Batter's Up Baseball (different version)

Decimal Memory

Measuring Angles

Lemonade Larry

Order Numbers Game


The Counting Game (learn to count by 2s, 3s- all the way to 9s.)



Division Bingo



Math Facts Matching



Calculator Chaos



Surfnet Kids- Flashcards!









Fish Probability


Math Vocabulary Hangman

High Low

Fraction Painting Game

Magic Square

Fraction Drills

Fraction Pie

Guess the Number

Chariot Champion- Studying Statistics

Fraction Frenzy

Brainboosters from Puzzlemaker

Spinner Game

Fraction Game Tool

Math Word Searches

Virtual Spinner

Name that fraction!

Test Prep and practice, along with brain teasers. You can choose higher grade levels, to challenge yourself more!

Virtual Outcome Tally- uses coins, spinner, or dice

Fraction Mystery Picture

Online Calculator

Phone Numbers

Comparing Fractions



Fraction Match-up!

Pie Graphs Game


Adding Fractions (like denom.)

Make a number


Subtracting Fractions (like denom.)

Math Glossary


Sayulita the alien explains fractions, decimals, and percents

The Stock Market for Kids


Jenn's Fish Tank

Math Challenges for Families


Weighing Oranges

Animated Interactive Math Dictionary


Pizza Party

Max's Math Adventure




Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Drill Games

Story Problems


Space Shuttle Launch

Water Park

A Million Worksheets

Save the Math Apples

Story Problems

Super Kids Worksheet Creator

Robot Calculator

Step by step problems

The Math Worksheet Site

Tic Tac Toe Squares

Math Mysteries


Power Football

More Math Mysteries


Rick's Math- worksheets for any math topic

Math Hunt



Word Problems


Number Monster



Become a Math Wizard!



Math Journey



Shuttle Math



Spacey Math