This week...

February 24-28

In reading, we will read two short stories, "Silverman City" and "Silver Dollar Dreams". Students will use grade-level vocabulary, answer text-evidence questions, describe a character's actions in detail, discuss plot, and make inferences. In writing, we will continue persuasive/opinion essays. All pages will be completed in class; there will not be writing homework. In spelling, we will review words with r-controlled vowels ear, ir, our, and ur.

In social studies, we will finish Chapter 9 detailing George Washington's presidency. Students will learn about the first political parties and the introduction of cabinet members to our government. We will also begin Chapter 10 and discuss the Louisiana Purchase.

Reading Logs will go home this week; please sign and return on Friday. There will also be a reading packet for homework.

Remember to read 20 minutes each day!