Vocabulary/Spelling Words

Spelling Words: None

Flocabulary Words: Test will be Thursday, September 19th.

  1. afford- to be able to pay for
  2. arena- a building used for sports or shows
  3. baggage- suitcases, bags, or other items travelers carry; things that get in the way or weigh someone down
  4. burrow- to dig a hole or to tunnel into or under something; a tunnel or hole in the ground
  5. chamber- a room, usually a bedroom or room in a palace
  6. column- a row of numbers or words running down a printed page; anything arranged in a straight line; a tall, somewhat thin support for a building
  7. jagged- with a rough or sharp edge
  8. shallow- not deep
  9. tour- a trip from place to place, sometimes to perform music or some kind of art; a short trip through a place, usually with a guide; to travel through a place
  10. venture- to dare to go; to go somewhere or do something risky; a risk; something you do where you don’t know what will happen