Vocabulary/Spelling Words

Spelling Words: Test will be Friday, November 30th.

1. excuse
2. cruise
3. flute
4. smooth
5. threw
6. juice
7. duty
8. afternoon
9. huge
10. mood
11. truth
12. curfew

Flocabulary Words: Test will be Thursday, December 6th.

  1. apparent- easy to see or understand
  2. awkward- not graceful; weird or hard to handle
  3. competition- trying to outdo others; a game or contest
  4. congratulate- to express joy for a person’s success or good fortune
  5. dusk- the time at the end of the day just before dark; the evening
  6. instant- a moment; a very short period of time; quick or without much delay
  7. limb- an arm, leg, wing, or branch
  8. queasy- feeling sick to the stomach
  9. represent- to stand in for something or someone else
  10. weary- feeling tired or worn out from hard work; exhausted