Vocabulary/Spelling Words

Spelling Words: Test will be Friday, February 28th.
1. return
2. turkey
3. journal
4. search
5. courage
6. heard
7. curtain
8. early
9. purpose
10. turtle
11. purse
12. hamburger
13. first
14. birthday
15. furniture

Flocabulary Words: Test will be Monday, March 2nd.

  1. distract- to draw attention to something else; to confuse or disturb
  2. hail- small lumps of frozen rain; to cheer, welcome, or compliment
  3. limp- to walk awkwardly or in an uneven way
  4. noble- deserving of respect; impressive; of a high rank in society
  5. prefer- to like better; to choose first
  6. response- a reply or answer; a reaction to something
  7. reveal- to make known; to uncover
  8. severe- very strict or harsh
  9. typical- being like others of its kind; normal
  10. valiant- full of courage; brave