This Week


                                                                                                                                    September 9, 2019
Dear Parents,
MONDAY- POEM- Mary had a little lamb; letter Uu; STORY-I have a pet; SIGHT WORDS- the, orange, five
TUESDAY- Beginning sounds; letter Vv; STORY- Please, puppy, PLEASE; SIGHT WORDS-the, orange, five
WEDNESDAY- Speaking and listening rules; letter Ww; STUDENT BOOK STORIES-Baby bears family and The party.
THURSDAY-  letters Xx ; STORY- Different kind of dogs; Review SIGHT WORDS-the, orange ,five
FRIDAY-  letters Yy; Assessment 3
Chapter 1—Represent, count, and write numbers 0-5.

**GRANDPARENTS DAY is Friday, September, 13th. If your child will have a grandparent or someone else eating with them please fill out the paper sent home last week as soon as possible, also remember if another set of grandparents is coming try to get in line together. 
**If you have questions or need to speak with me please call, send a note(on paper or DOJO). My planning time is 12:30-1:15.

                                   Thanks for all you do,
                                              Ms. Cathy