Announcements 2019-2020
3rd Grade Angels August 19, 2019


* Your child will have a Reading Log today. Please fill in the log each evening your child reads. This log must be turned in Friday morning for a homework grade. 

*We will have a Vocabulary Test this Friday, August 23th 

*We will  have our first Spelling Test Friday, August 23rd. 

*Your child has a Math Comp worksheet to correct and return by Friday morning.

* Please make sure your child is studying each evening. The first few tests are difficult.

Vocabulary Words:

bloom- buds on a flower start to open

calm- serene and quiet

flax- a grassy flower with small blush petals

rough- coarse or uneven surface

shy- quiet and withdrawn from others

suspenders-hooks that connect from the waist of the pants around the shoulders to hold up pants

Week 1 Spelling Sentences & Challenge Words

 Word Pattern this week:  Short Vowels; Syllables VC/CV

1.   My sister has a problem with math.

2.   We are starting our spelling lesson.

3.   Put the lettuce in the basket.

4.   Can I suggest pizza for supper?

5.   Traffic is bad in the winter.

6.   The puppet show will happen next.

skillet, picnic, planet, system, pumpkin

Please come to Our Meet and Greet Tuesday evening, 4:30-6:00.

4:30-4:55     K-2 Meet the teacher 

5:00-5:20     Parent Meeting (in the Library)

5:30-5:55     3-5 Meet the teacher Your child needs a pair of headphones to use in the computer lab. Please try to have these by Wednesday, August 21st. Thank you, Ms. Joyce