5th Grade Vocabulary Page

Unit 12 Vocabulary Test Friday, March 13th


  1. burden- a physical weight or an emotional load
  2. conserve- to protect form loss, to use carefully
  3. contaminate- to make impure or unclean by contact or mixture
  4. elude- to escape from capture
  5. extinct-removed from existence; no longer alive or working
  6. formulate- to create or invent; to state precisely
  7. improvise- make things up as the situation goes along
  8. leisure- free time, away from any duties
  9. likeness- an image similar to someone or something
  10. manipulate- to control something to one’s advantage, or by using the hands
  11. minute- exceptionally small, usually part of something
  12. priority- something that takes precedence over another’s’ most important
  13. pursue- to follow or chase with determination
  14. resolute- firm in one’s position
  15. retrieve- to get something back