5th Grade Vocabulary Page

Unit 10 Vocabulary Words:


  1. 1.abundant- plenty, more than enough
  2. 2.beacon- a guiding light or signal
  3. 3.clarity- the state of being clear and straightforward
  4. 4.consent- agreement or approval
  5. 5.convenient- easy and suitable to a particular situation
  6. 6.cultivate-to grow and care for
  7. 7.deteriorate- to fall apart, usually gradually or over time
  8. 8.exclude- to purposefully leave something out or reject
  9. 9.evolve- to grow or change over time
  10. idiom- a phrase or saying, usually unique to a particular language
  11. legislation- a law or set of laws
  12. subordinate- below something else, usually in rank or in an organization
  13. reluctant- not willing to take action
  14. trait- a quality or characteristic
  15. verdict- a firm decision