3rd grade explores the galaxy

3rd Galaxy

Mrs. Misty Smith's 3rd grade class at Mary V. Wheeler Elementary has completed a class research and science art project on the solar system. Students worked in groups to research, plan, write, edit, and publish an essay on their assigned planet. After completing their essay students worked with a partner to create their planet using various painting techniques. Students constructed their planets by either embossing, feather painting, marble painting, painting with plastic wrap, painting with watercolors, coffee filter painting, shaving cream painting, or glitter painting. Finally, students came together as a class to assemble the solar system. Mrs. Misty stated, "Everyone in our class has been working so hard and really giving their best effort on classwork. I wanted to offer them an opportunity to learn in a creative and hands-on way. Students were actually excited to give up their recess time to paint and express themselves artistically!"  The 3rd grade class has their solar system art project proudly displayed in the front entrance of MVW school.