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A.R. Readers
A.R. readers celebrated

Wheeler Elementary librarian, Dorothy Fonville, recently hosted a special breakfast for students meeting their reading goal with Accelerated Reader. Students were treated to biscuits & gravy, omelets, muffins, juice, alongside many other special treats. Students felt like they were at a "fancy, sit-down restaurant" with the placemats and china they ate from. "I'm so proud of our kids for their willingness to read and work hard to achieve a goal," said Ms. Dorothy.

Thu May 19 01:47 PM

Basketball Game Parents
Parent-Teacher Basketball Game

Wheeler faculty and staff challenged all the MVW mountaineer parents to a parent-teacher basketball game to celebrate the conclusion of end-of-the-year TCAP tests. Teachers were excited to take on the parents, but at the conclusion of the game, the parents walked away with the win of 48-16. Congratulations, MVW Parents! Both teams did a great job and allowed the kids to take a much-needed break!

Wed May 04 10:58 AM

Lisa Rock
Students prepare to Rock the Test

Wheeler students got ready to take their TCAP tests by participating in a walk around the school with students from kindergarten and first grades cheering their peers on with posters of encouragement. Teachers also cheered on students in advance of state testing with 5th grade math teacher Lisa Jones playing the guitar while encouraging students to "Rock the Test!"

Tue Apr 26 01:37 PM

Brewer Read Night
Reading Night held at Wheeler

Wheeler Elementary recently held their annual Title 1 Reading Night. Reading pirates were found throughout the building as students entered the school by walking the plank. Reading stations filled with activities such as plunging for words and getting to throw parts of speech through the shark's teeth were just two of the many fun things students got to participate in. The night concluded with students receiving treat bags and a free hardback book. A great time was had by all! Pictured from left to right are Blaine, Autum, and Athena Brewer.

Tue Mar 15 11:37 AM

3rd Galaxy
3rd grade explores the galaxy

Mrs. Misty Smith's 3rd grade class at Mary V. Wheeler Elementary has completed a class research and science art project on the solar system. Students worked in groups to research, plan, write, edit, and publish an essay on their assigned planet. After completing their essay students worked with a partner to create their planet using various painting techniques. Students constructed their planets by either embossing, feather painting, marble painting, painting with plastic wrap, painting with watercolors, coffee filter painting, shaving cream painting, or glitter painting. Finally, students came together as a class to assemble the solar system. Mrs. Misty stated, "Everyone in our class has been working so hard and really giving their best effort on classwork. I wanted to offer them an opportunity to learn in a creative and hands-on way. Students were actually excited to give up their recess time to paint and express themselves artistically!" The 3rd grade class has their solar system art project proudly displayed in the front entrance of MVW school.

Fri Mar 04 01:30 PM

22 Kids
Tutus & Ties 2-22-22

Students and staff at Wheeler Elementary celebrated the twenty-second day of February 2022, 2-22-22, by dressing in tutus and ties. Tutus of all colors were seen throughout the school as well as many young men wearing their ties. Students also brought in two canned food items to help support our local food bank. Attachments area

Wed Feb 23 09:05 AM

Misty Kids
Smith announced as MVW Teacher of the Year

Faculty and staff selected this year’s Teacher of the Year, Ms. Misty Smith. Ms. Misty has been teaching for 3 years. She has taught both fourth and third grade. Prior to teaching, Ms. Misty was a dental hygienist who decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. When asked how she felt after receiving this recognition, Ms. Misty said, “ It is my hope and goal that every student who comes through my classroom leaves knowing they are loved and believing they can accomplish great things.” Ms. Misty is a great asset to our school. She goes above and beyond to see her students succeed. Congratulations, Ms. Misty Smith!

Thu Jan 13 11:39 AM

Doughnut Winners
Krispy Kreme top sellers announced

Wheeler Elementary had an extremely successful doughnut fundraiser this year thanks to the hard work of our parents and students. Top sellers were Gage Proffit winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and cash prize of $100; Allie Lewis winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and cash prize of $75; Bradley Cox winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and cash prize of $25; and Letty Walker winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and a cash prize of $15. Congratulations to all our top sellers!

Tue Dec 21 03:18 PM

80th day of school celebrated

Wheeler Elementary recently celebrated the 80th day of school with an afternoon of activities that were totally tubular. Activities ranged from a rerun showing of the first episode of Saved by the Bell, playing classic Nintendo games, learning the Rubik's cube, playing Twister, and a showing of Ernest Saves Christmas. Students enjoyed celebrating the 80th day of school by dressing in totally 80s attire and learning about major world events from the 1980s. Pictured is Principal Candi Kempton with fifth grade student Daelyn Haston.

Tue Dec 21 03:06 PM

Vets Kids
Veterans honored at MVW

Wheeler Elementary recently held its annual Veterans' Day program to honor the brave men and women who have served and are currently serving our country. Classes in every grade level performed songs for the veterans, and faculty and staff members sang "God Bless America." Ms. Emily Frady sang the national anthem and pre-schooler Kimber Simmons sang "God Bless the U.S.A." Several service men and women were recognized at Wheeler and were invited to a special luncheon in their honor.

Thu Nov 11 03:43 PM