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Misty Kids
Smith announced as MVW Teacher of the Year

Faculty and staff selected this year’s Teacher of the Year, Ms. Misty Smith. Ms. Misty has been teaching for 3 years. She has taught both fourth and third grade. Prior to teaching, Ms. Misty was a dental hygienist who decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. When asked how she felt after receiving this recognition, Ms. Misty said, “ It is my hope and goal that every student who comes through my classroom leaves knowing they are loved and believing they can accomplish great things.” Ms. Misty is a great asset to our school. She goes above and beyond to see her students succeed. Congratulations, Ms. Misty Smith!

Thu Jan 13 11:39 AM

Basketball Ball
PTO Basketball season underway

PTO Basketball season at Wheeler Elementary has begun! Every Saturday during the months of January and February games will be played between kids of all ages. Come out and support our kids, our school, and our community. Games begin with younger students at 8:00 a.m. and end around 5:00 p.m. each day with high school students. We hope to see you there!

Tue Jan 04 12:32 PM

Doughnut Winners
Krispy Kreme top sellers announced

Wheeler Elementary had an extremely successful doughnut fundraiser this year thanks to the hard work of our parents and students. Top sellers were Gage Proffit winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and cash prize of $100; Allie Lewis winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and cash prize of $75; Bradley Cox winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and cash prize of $25; and Letty Walker winning a Wheeler sweatshirt, tumbler, and a cash prize of $15. Congratulations to all our top sellers!

Tue Dec 21 03:18 PM

80th day of school celebrated

Wheeler Elementary recently celebrated the 80th day of school with an afternoon of activities that were totally tubular. Activities ranged from a rerun showing of the first episode of Saved by the Bell, playing classic Nintendo games, learning the Rubik's cube, playing Twister, and a showing of Ernest Saves Christmas. Students enjoyed celebrating the 80th day of school by dressing in totally 80s attire and learning about major world events from the 1980s. Pictured is Principal Candi Kempton with fifth grade student Daelyn Haston.

Tue Dec 21 03:06 PM

Vets Kids
Veterans honored at MVW

Wheeler Elementary recently held its annual Veterans' Day program to honor the brave men and women who have served and are currently serving our country. Classes in every grade level performed songs for the veterans, and faculty and staff members sang "God Bless America." Ms. Emily Frady sang the national anthem and pre-schooler Kimber Simmons sang "God Bless the U.S.A." Several service men and women were recognized at Wheeler and were invited to a special luncheon in their honor.

Thu Nov 11 03:43 PM

Bus Drivers
Bus drivers recognized at MVW

MVW bus drivers were recognized for keeping students safe recently by faculty, staff, and students. A great big "Thank you!" to Ms. Toshai, Ms. Ronda, Ms. Tina, and Ms. Stacy for all you do for our school community.

Thu Nov 11 11:57 AM

5th Codex
5th Grade Codex Project

Wheeler Elementary students in Mr. Michael's 5th grade reading class recently completed a unit study of the early American civilizations. Students studied the Maya, Aztec, and Inca societies. A timeline of each group was created to aid in understanding how long each civilization existed along with pictures and an in-depth research of how each group adapted to their environments. Pictured are Paige Turner, Finley Reed, Malachi Hughes, Jaclyn Thomas, and Autumn Brewer showcasing their "Codex Project" with their completed research. (A codex is an ancient Mayan book.)

Tue Nov 02 06:48 PM

Halloween ghouls abound at MVW

Wheeler students recently celebrated Halloween by having a costume parade in the school's gym. Ghouls and goblins were seen throughout the school as students attended parties and participated in many spooktacular events during the day.

Sat Oct 30 02:43 PM

K Counting
Kindergarten counts to 100

Kindergarten students count to 100 every day. Pictured is Ms. Kadie Buck's kindergarten students skip-counting by 10 trying to reach their goal of 100. Kindergarteners must master many different math skills throughout the school year, including skip counting by 5 & 10 to 100.

Sat Oct 30 02:29 PM

Level 5
MVW Level 5 School

Wheeler Elementary was recently designated as a Level 5 Tennessee School by the Tennessee Department of Education. This recognition was earned for student growth of 2 years or more on the 2020-2021 TCAP. Principal Candi Kempton rewarded teachers with a “Take 5” candy bar and a 5-minute break coupon. Teaching assistants were also rewarded with a “High 5” pop rock for helping students to rock through the TCAP. Pictured is Principal Kempton with fourth grade teacher Candace Gifford and assistant Dorothy Fonville. We appreciate the hard work of not only our students, faculty, and staff, but also our supportive parents. Thanks for all you do to make our school great!

Wed Oct 27 11:41 AM